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Pro Membership

We need your support to give you the best that JCB can offer.

Joomla Component Builder (JCB) is Free & Open Soure Software available completely free (as in pizza) for all to use.

JCB is constantly being improved by the developers, and we want to make these new updated features available, for a whole year as they become available, to those supporting JCB.

Thank you

All your contributions go towards the support of the development team to keep JCB up-to-date, rich with new features, and completely free to all.

We have new, exciting ways to get Pro Membership access.


Active contribution
Make 3 merged pull requests on Github to qualify for Pro membership.


Active support
Are you actively involved in answering forum posts? We need your input.

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

~ African Proverb

Frequently asked questions

Financial Contribution

  • Where will I make the donation?
    We are using the OpenCollective platform to make manage all contributions made to the JCB project.
  • Why do I need an account at Open Collective?
    You need create an Open Collective account with a valid email address in order for us to confirm your contribution.
    Note: Your logo can be displayed as an active contributor to the JCB project
  • What do I need to do after I made my contribution?
    Please go to VDM Git here and either log in with your Github account or create a new account.
  • What's next?

    Once you have made your contribution and signed up at VDM Git we will be notified by email and add you to the Pro Member repository.*

    *Please give our staff a day or two to add you

  • I've been waiting more than 2 days to be added to the repository
    We are sorry that you have been overlooked. Please fill out our registration form to get our attention.

Code Contribution

  • I want to contribute, but where do I start?
    The best place to start is to use JCB extensivly to create your Joomla! components, modules, and plugins.
    I am sure you will run into a bug or 2, or see some potential for new features.
  • What types of contributions can I make?
    • Identify and fix bugs in the project.
    • Develop new features to JCB.
    • Help to refactor existing code according to SOLID principles.
  • Where do I need to contribute my code?
    JCB project is hosted on Github and all pull requests should be made there.
  • Any specific procedures I need to follow?
    • Open an issue on Github.
    • Make a Request for Comments (RFC).
    • All code contributions need to be approved by the lead developer of JCB. So it is best practice to get approval before you start spending your time on the code.
  • How much should I contribute before I qualify?
    3 merged pull requests are required to qualify for Pro membership.

Forum Support

  • What do you require in forum support?
    There is an active community forum for JCB where many users daily seek answers. You need to actively be answer questions, and not just post them.
  • How do I get Pro Membership based on forum support?
    If you think you qualify, fill out our contact form with your forum name that we can confirm your contribution.


  • What type of documentation qualifies?
    We will consider:
    • Video tutorials
    • Significant Wiki contributions
    • JCB documentation explaining functionality and workflow processes
  • What do you require from documentation?
    • It needs to be relevant and up-to-date with the current JCB version.
    • We need to clearly be able to see all you contributions. Provide us with links to your video, Wiki contributions, or simple send us the documentation that you made.
  • How do I get Pro Membership based on documentation?
    If you think you qualify, fill out our contact form with your name that we can confirm your contribution.

General Questions

  • How long does my membership last?
    Pro Membership entitles you to a year-long subscription from the day you made the contribution.
  • What can I expect while I am a member
    We make our pro features available to all active members one (1) year before it is released to the public.
    Our aim is to release a pro feature once a month, but this is not a promise. When life gets in the way of programming there may be delays.